We are a company dedicated to the production and dispatch of frozen foods, through the execution of activities that guarantee the Quality, Safety, and Innocuity of our products, respecting our environment and providing satisfaction and care to the needs of our customers, staff, and other stakeholders.

At NOVA ALIMENTOS, we are committed to:


  1. All collaborators for hiring must present the respective exams that corroborate that they do not have diseases that may affect the biological safety of the product.

  2. The entry of staff or visitors who show any type of obvious symptoms of ETA's or influenza is prohibited.

  3. The entry of food into the plant and adjoining areas is prohibited except for the dining area, an exclusive place for food consumption.

  4. The entry of medications into the facilities is prohibited. If you need to consume them, you must inform the doctor and do so outside the plant.

  5. The consumption of cigarettes is prohibited within the facilities.

  6. All staff will wear a mask or face mask inside the plant facilities.

  7. In the event that a worker or visitor cuts themselves within the work areas, they must go to customs to put on a metal bandage and attend the medical dispensary in order to be immediately assisted by the plant doctor to control any type of injury. Condition, the product that has come into contact with fluids will be immediately discarded and the area where the cut occurred must be cleaned and disinfected with sanitizing products.

  8. Only food grade knives delivered by the company will be used, avoiding wooden elements or other materials that compromise the food safety of the food and therefore its safety.

  9. All visitors prior to entering the plant must sign a form declaring that they are free of diseases or conditions that may put the biosafety of the food at risk.